So, maybe you guys remember that a few weeks ago I posted the pictures of my collapsed roof on tumblr, and with them, I posted the pictures of my ruined TFiOS. My friend Christian, who went with me to the Tour de Nerdfighting, saw the pictures and did a real deal nerdfighter deed. He messaged John on tumblr, and told him what happened. John responded and gave him the email address of his assistant, Danica. After a few emails were exchanged, Danica told him that they were going to send him a package to give to me FREE OF CHARGE. In the package were the items above. I literally cannot express my enjoyment enough. I’m not the type to post long paragraphs about stuff that happens to me, but this is legitimately one of the most amazing things ever. Thank you John Green and Danica for proving that you guys NEVER forget to be awesome, and thank you Christian, because without you I would have never received such an amazing gift. Excuse me while I go bathe in the awesomeness of this situation.

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